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Joslin Green
Keynotes & Programs
  • High-Performance Coach, Former College Basketball Player
  • Creative Director with Highly Engaging Visual Storytelling Style
  • Grew Up in the Canadian Arctic (wait, what?)

My programs are designed to help athletes and coaches become Impact Players, on and off the court.

Basketball is my zone of genius but the principles are the same on the hardwood, on the field or in boardroom. Greatness requires a game plan.

I’ve partnered with high schools, colleges, universities and organizations across North America. Challenging players and leaders to level up your game by tapping into your P.E.A.C.E

Learn the habits and behaviors of success through engaging visuals, storytelling and humor. Audiences leave with actionable strategies and transformative insight to help you perform your best when it matters most.

When I’m not in a team room or boardroom, you can find me hanging out with my wife and four kids at a theme park or beach in Central Florida.


You have helped me so much and I enjoy the sport so much more because I have a better attitude and shake things off so easily. The work we have done together has payed really off a lot! I seriously can’t thank you enough!!

Rebecca, Student Athlete

Joslin has been facilitating workshops for my senior interdisciplinary students for several years.  He is a gifted facilitator – engaging, knowledgeable, inclusive and creative – my students love him and his workshops provide an important and integral experience.

Janet Hamnett, Associate Professor

Trusted by Athletic and Leadership Teams

keynote / workshop 

P.E.A.C.E Mode

There’s a battle raging inside. You struggle against fear, wrestle with impostor syndrome and confront an average of 45,000 negative thoughts per day. Performing your best every day means making P.E.A.C.E with your mind, body and spirit.

Blending science and storytelling, this powerful session reveals the Five Pillars of High Performance and describes how you can adopt the behaviors into everything you do.

You’ll leave with a memorable strategy and a valuable playbook to help you lead yourself and others to greater success.

Learning Outcomes for the Audience

  • Three ways to build unshakeable confidence
  • The key to manage your emotions under pressure
  • Why courage is more important than confidence
  • How Navy Seals conquer limiting beliefs
  • The reason you’re not seeing results (and how to fix it)
  • Why you should be daring to fail
  • How we can take back control of our thoughts
  • Why you should be daring to fail


keynote / workshop

What’s Your Story?

We’re in a new era of college sports. If you want to be a top recruit, get a good NIL deal, or stand out at the next level, your personal brand is essential. Besides your skills, nothing matters more.

In this exciting keynote, student-athletes will learn how to identify their own stories. We’ll unpack what personal branding means to make a bigger impact and earn more money.

Joslin brings 15 years of experience as a Creative Director and Brand Strategist. His dynamic and engaging presentation style will unveil the secret behind successful brands. Audences will learn how to apply that framework for personal and team success.

Learning Outcomes for the Audience

  • How to identify and develop your unique strengths, values, and passions

  • The repeatable framework behind every powerful story

  • Practical tips on on creating engaging content, and growing a loyal audience.

  • Strategies for identifying potential NIL opportunities

  • The importance of trusted advisors and financial literacy.

  • Networking, building relationships and crafting compelling pitches.

  • How to think about your legacy in your teens and twenties


Joslin Green Performance Coach

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