“Just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.” – Shuri


Life is fine. That’s what you tell yourself and anyone who asks. Maybe it’s kind of true.

Nothing is terrible. But nothing is that good either. Do you wonder if you’re fooling yourself about what you really are? How successful you can be? How much you could actually achieve, if you “put your mind to it”? Are you tired of motivation roller coaster, grinding every day but not seeing results?  Are you ready to have that 1:1 support that you’ve been craving?

Coaching can be one of the most transformative decisions you ever make. In a world where likes and faves seem to quantify your existence, coaching provides something that very few people experience anymore. Real conversation. Real investment. Real change.


A Few Benefits of Coaching


In-Depth Conversation

Someone to talk to. Someone to listen. No hashtags or character limits.

Find Direction

Stop wandering. Find your path and stay the course. You won’t journey alone.

Gain Clarity

Discover what’s been holding you back and how best to move forward.

Success Toolkit

Learn how to implement new habits and mindsets for success.



Three 60 – 90 minutes sessions per month, via phone, Skype or Google Hangout, during which we’ll dive into your struggles, develop your strengths and design a plan for success. 


  • Athletes
  • Parents of Student-Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Business Leaders


If you have a background in sport or business then you already understand the value of coaching. However, you’re probably here because you have yet to experience the power of coaching. There’s a big difference.

Generally, the coaches you have in your sport or organization are focused on tactics. Outlining strategies and dictating behaviors that will hopefully lead to THEIR desired outcome (winning games, selling products). Unfortunately, they completely miss out on the most important aspects necessary for winning. Understanding what motivates their team members (you), envisioning your unique path to success, developing your winning mindset and establishing championship habits.

That’s going to be our focus.

Together, we’ll unpack the beliefs that are undermining your performance. Analysis of your internal scripts and a thorough personal inventory will help us expose the root causes rather than just treating the symptoms. Then, the powerful transformation begins.

Most of us just accept a role determined for us by someone else; coaches, teammates, coworkers. Eventually, we begin to believe a story that is not our own. It’s time to take ownership and start writing your own narrative. It’s going to take deep work, patience, and dedication, but your dreams are worth it.


The investment level depends on the duration of the coaching session which is a minimum of three months. Student-athletes and aspiring professional athletes benefit from exclusive pricing.

Scheduling a Discovery Call is the first step to identifying your specific goals and determining if coaching is a good fit for both us.



Wolfpacks consist of three 60 – 75 minute sessions per month, via phone, Skype or Google Hangout. A small group of six to eight individuals will challenge each other to heights they couldn’t reach on their own.


  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Parents
  • Business Leaders


We’ve all heard the quote by motivational speaker Jim Rohn that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. While it may seem simplistic, on some level we know it’s true. Video games, social media and binge watching are great ways to escape the drudgery of everyday life. But deep down, you know you want more than just an escape.

You want a pursuit. An adventure. A purpose. You’ve got big dreams and your current circle of friends are not helping you achieve them.

The good news is you’re not alone. Join the Pack. Our selective Wolfpack group sessions will propel you to new heights. Stretching you beyond your own expectations and giving you the tools to hunt down the goals that have been eluding you.

Together, we’ll systematically address mindsets that are foundational to who we are and how we perform. Motivation, habits, self-image, and personal narratives to name a few. Each week we’ll explore a key aspect in detail, examining how it impacts each member of the group and defining a process to improve performance and leadership in that area.

Group members will each have at least one Alpha session devoted to working through your own unique challenges with help from the Pack. 

Don’t wait any longer to start your journey to greatness.


The investment level depends on the duration of the Wolfpack session which is a minimum of six months. Monthly payment plans are available on all coaching packages.


What does a typical coaching session look like?
We’ll begin by defining our goals for each session and reviewing any action items from the previous one. Then we’ll systematically tackle your challenges using any number of frameworks. Expect a lot of questions, time to process our discoveries and some tasks to continue your growth in between sessions.
I'm an parent, can I enrol my son or daughter?
You certainly can! During the initial Discovery Call for one-on-one coaching, we can discuss what you perceive to be the main challenges. I’ll also set up a shorter Discovery Call with your son before entering into the coaching agreement. I generally do not schedule one-on-one coaching sessions with female student-athletes but I’m happy to refer you to another coach.

Group coaching is available for both male and female student-athletes.

I'm an parent, can I get coaching for myself?
Yes, you can. Please schedule a Discovery Call below.
I'm an athlete, is this like seeing a sport psychologist?
While elements of sports psychology will be used to help you reach your goals, coaching is different from counseling or clinical psychology. One way to think about it is the difference between training and rehabilitation. Training is for healthy people who want to reach new heights. Rehabilitation is for injured people who need healing and recovery. If you are injured mentally or emotionally due to a clinical diagnosis or trauma you should seek counseling (and I will be happy to refer you). If you are relatively healthy emotionally but need some help overcoming mental barriers and getting out of your own way, coaching is an excellent solution.
What results can I expect?
I could give you a disclaimer about varying results and no guarantees but the truth is, you should expect major change. Show up to our sessions charged, focused, willing to work and patient with yourself and you will experience transformation. It’s really that simple.
How long will it take for me to achieve my goals?
We’ll use a variety of goal setting strategies and work towards milestones that we establish together. It may take you longer to get there than you’d like, or you may reach your first destination well ahead of schedule. The answer generally depends on how committed you are to getting out of your comfort zone and making consistent, incremental progress. One-on-one session packages are a minimum of three months whereas group seasons are six months. We can work together for as long as it takes for you to see the results you desire.
This is a big investment. What if I’m on a limited budget?
There are payment plan options available to help spread out the investment over a fixed period of time. The time devoted to one-on-one coaching is exclusive with a very limited number of client slots available each year. Those clients are ready for remarkable transformation which far outweigh the cost. 

However, we don’t want you to feel a financial burden which could derail the deep work we’ll be doing. Group coaching is a great alternative for starting down the path to success and significance. When it comes to cost, a better question to ask is what are you willing to invest in your most important asset – yourself? The only asset that you alone will be entirely responsible for managing and growing for the rest of your life.

I'm a female student-athlete. Can you work with me?
Generally, even though our one-on-one sessions may be remote, I typically don’t work with female student-athletes. Primarily because issues of body image, self-esteem, sexuality, and other dynamics are best addressed by a female coach. Exceptions have been made for family and friends or if you’ve been previously coached by me as part of a basketball team.

Group sessions, however, are open to everyone.

If you are a female student-athlete seeking one-on-one coaching, I would be happy to refer you to some great female colleagues.

WOLFPACK - Group Coaching Application Form

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Is there a young athlete in your life who struggles with confidence? They’re not alone. Millions of young people are fighting this internal battle alone. Not just on the playing field but also in the classroom (virtual or physical), at home, everywhere they encounter challenges and adversity.

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FREE GUIDE: Three Simple Steps to Build Confidence

FREE GUIDE: Three Simple Steps to Build Confidence

Download this free guide to help your kids and student-athletes build rock-solid confidence. Three simple steps backed by three powerful actions, proven to take your confidence to new heights.

Your Free Confidence Guide is on its way!

FREE GUIDE: Three Simple Steps to Build Confidence

FREE GUIDE: Three Simple Steps to Build Confidence

Download this free guide to help your kids and student-athletes build rock-solid confidence. Three simple steps backed by three powerful actions, proven to take your confidence to new heights.

Your Free Confidence Guide is on its way!